Home Sick

I miss my family.  I am bored out here.  I do love it but I miss people.  I miss going to get my nails done with Lisa, working my part time job… Talking to my neighbors.  My sis has pics of my girls on her FB.  I miss them.  I miss my mom and dad.  I miss my farm.

We have a wonderful house in Mesa with a fenced in yard.  What is  hard is Andy and I don’t have friends.  Sure we have our co workers and that is how I have made some of my bestest friends to this day but they pretty much all live on the other side of the city.  Over an hour from here.

I hate my job,  This doctor I work for is a *excuse language* fucking jackass.  I swear he does work that doesn’t need to be done.  He acts pissed if someone cancels and it’s our fault.  I do have an interview Friday with another staffing service. I get that money runs the business but your clients are #1.  Don’t tell patients your doing 2 crowns so they match… are you flipping kidding?  There is so much more I could vent about him but he isn’t worth my typing.

I tried to get back with ESI but for some reason I didn’t get a call back even though I passed all tests online and at the facility.  I know I left on good terms, or so I was told.  I need to find something else.

I am sure me hating my job isn’t helping my home sick situation.  Thank god I can call my mom up all the time.  Hopefully Winston and I will be heading out on a road trip home this summer.  Then I can get some stuff out of storage.  Plus I would love to bring Lily back and road trip with her.  I think we would have sooo much fun just the 2 .. er 3 including Wu.

Can anyone help me get a job here??  Maybe that’s all I need.

A new job.



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