Antiquing and more…

I got up this morning not wanting to sit around at home all day.  So I went to an antique sale going on at the community center in Fountain Hills.  It was ok… to much old stuff! hahaha I did see some pretty cool old rings… you wonder who they belong to and what the history would be.  Maybe next time they come back I may have to check them out and invest in one.  I then went to Bealle’s (sp)… it’s not as nice as Ross’ which is just like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  It’s kind of crappy even if you ask me BUT I did find a really cute jar with my initial on it to keep my change in.

It only cost me $3.99… not to shabby! Then I found a V.C. Andrews book for $2.99.  I then went to the grocery store to get a roast, potatoes and carrots so I can make a roast in the crock pot on Monday! yea!

Father in law wanted me to run with him to drop off some clothes of my mother in laws.  It was at a place like a salvation army but all the money goes to hospice which they used for her.  But first we went to lunch at a awesome chinese restuarant called Flo’s Chinese Restuarant… VERY GOOD!!! I can’t wait to have my left overs for dinner!!!  I then took the boys to the park as usual.  I really hope wherever we move to from here we find a great park as this one.  Even though I am probably the youngest one there, they are manly seniors, I am starting to feel at home and making new friends!! But for your enjoyment, here are a few pics of Ty at the park!

Hi mommy… so he says.

 little crazy pug after wiggling in the grass…

now we are relaxing… waiting for Andy to get home. Have a great evening!


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