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me so bad

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I am trying to keep up with this but it’s so hard… life is pretty low key right now.

When Andy’s friend Dave was here we took the kids to Space Alien’s and had tons of fun.  Dave showed Hugh how to get the most out of his tokens that’s for sure. jan2009-029

Never a dull moment when Dave was here!

Last night Andy and I went to my friend’s Tory and Michelle’s house.  We go back to high school.  I consider Tory one of my bestest friends ever.

Michelle and I

Michelle and I


of course I have to add one puggie pic….



I gots me a Diamond…

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Sleepy time with Hef and Dora

Sleepy time with Hef and Dora

Andy’s best friend Dave or Diamond Dave as everyone calls him came into town yesterday.  We surprised Andy out at the fish house.  Andy had no idea he was coming into town until Sunday at least.  D called me yesterday when I was at the office and said he was on his way.  We didn’t do to much today because the weather is getting nasty and it’s snowing/sleeting right now.  Poor Andy is still on his way home from work and he left there an hour ago. We were going to go out but it’s to nasty out.  Plus D is sleeping already! Silly goose. He is going to stay with us for about a week he said which is nice for Andy to be able to catch up with him.

Otherwise this is my first weekend with no kids and no part time job to go to and oh my it’s kind of crazy.  I was some what bored today since D was working all day from his laptop.  Hopefully tomorrow we will do something fun.

Bring on the New Year… The boys sure did…

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