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Nights in Rodanthe… go see it…

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Mom and I went to this movie today… it is sooooo good.  Total chick flick but worth it.  I got teary eyed at a few parts but the very end is when I lost it.  Man… Richard Gere… I tell ya is one guy that gets more and more good looking with age.


It’s not a Wu world, It really is a small world…

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We had the kids for just the day since Andy’s ex’s sister in law wanted to have the kids for the long weekend to do Halloween stuff.  So yes I have a completely free weekend for once… anyway… we went to drop the kids off at her house up near St Cloud and the ex sis in law isn’t home yet. Her husband (Andy’s ex bro in law) and Andy were outside talking and I joined them.  We told him how we took the kids to the pumpkin patch in Otsego and he said he grew up in Elk River.  I asked himif he went to school there, yes he said, what year he graduated… he said 1990.  I then asked him his last name… I nearly had a heart attack.  Yep I graduated from high school with Andy’s ex brother in law.  The funny thing is we were pretty good friends from 7-12 grade.  Never dated or anything… just friends.  So Steve ran in his garage and dragged out one of his yearbooks from our 9th grade year.  Yeah… how funny is that???  To back up on all this… Andy and I have had more small world things happen to us, it’s kind of scary.  One of my great uncles was his hockey coach in high school, he graduated with a bunch of my old friends and a cousin.  My cousin Carrie’s husband and Andy were roomies like 12 years ago… Andy and I are so surprised we didn’t meet sooner.  It’s kind of freaky scary. 

I took a bunch of pictures of the kids again playing in the corn… I will have to go back and look at those pics.  I need to figure out how to download them from my new camera to the computer.  Maybe tomorrow!

off to make spanish rice for din din!!

Our Day…

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Me and Andy
Me and Andy
So the day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Our family and a couple friends were there.  The weather was wonderful, it turned out perfect.


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I have a moment of posting… Trent Douglas was born on Sept 2nd… It was the greatest moment ever.  Jen did 2 sets of pushing and BAM he is was out.  Jen’s mom said not to even expect that when I have a child.  Andy and I are his god-parents! yeah!  Andy is already bought him a couple MN ViQueens outfits… *eyes rolling*  This is a pic of the little guy at our wedding… now onto that…  

Trent Douglas

Trent Douglas

I am back for sure now…

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So last night we bit the bullet and bought a new computer.  The lap top is acting up and the one that Andy got from a co-worker works good for him but as far as down loading pics it’s way to slow for me.  So we took a bit of the money we got as a wedding gift from his parents and got one.  Now I am going to be able to down load pics, more updates and keep in touch with everyone again.  I lost some people’s blogs from my old computer that I had saved in my favorites however… yuck! oh well… I will soon find them again!

off to cross stitch for a bit…


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It’s been nuts… I can’t post pics with the new computer… way to slow.

I am very happily married now to Andrew, so yes that is Mrs. Landman to you! hahaha it was a wonderful day and as much as I would love to blog more about it, I am just to exhausted still.