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Update on Wu!

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He is doing awesome.. No worries.  I did have the heartworm test done on him Monday just be sure… I just called the vet and it’s NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!  Time to celebrate! I was worried since I have heard that in rare cases that the other dog in the family can get it.  But nope not my WuWU he is wonderful!

I also have Heffy on Heartgaurd.  It won’t totally get rid of the worms but it will slow down the process and eventually may even go away once they die.  But it takes a couple years… well his heartworm wasn’t to bad I guess.  So I just celebrate each day that he is with us.  It’s already been 8 months!!!!



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So my Cousin Carrie tagged me… I tag whoever wants to do this! ha

Tag your it!

Ten years ago: 1998- wow… can I remember???  I was working at Express Scripts and living in St Paul with my sister Lisa.

Five things on today’s To-Do list: Not a darn thing!  We have the kids tonight!

Snack I enjoy: Buttery Garlic Orville Redenbacher popcorn

Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Buy the farm near my parents house and buy a house in Arizona. Travel!

Places I’ve lived: omg way to many to list… all over the metro and western wisconsin

YES CARRIE… I see who you see! hahahahaha Did he recognize you???  I can’t comment on your blog cause my stupid computer is acting up! yikes!

Winston’s Trip to the Vet

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Where we going Mom???  Just you and I?  How did you pull that off without Heffy knowing???

I’m a happy pug… *but not for long*

What Heffy did while we were away.

So I called and made Winston a vet appointment just for his regular shots.  I knew he was having some issues with his ears so I needed to get him in anyway.  They happened to have a cancellation at 1230p today which was perfect.  He had the works done and so did my check book.  They are doing a heartworm test on him since Hef has it.  I have them both on Heartgaurd and that will help slow down what they are doing to Hef and you never know, they said it could get rid of them. YEAH!  But I won’t find out the results of Winston’s test until Wednesday.  Winston’s Luxtating Patella isn’t to bad.  Only a 1 in one leg and a 3 in the other.  4 is the worse.  The vet had me get Glyco-Flex that I can give to both boys and it will help them with their joints.  Now I am $325 poorer… but what’s the price for the love of my puggies??  They are very worth it.  Just chunk change to you Lisa with all your bills! egads!!!!  Don’t know what I would do if I had to pay what I am sure you are right now!

I had to sneak out of the house without Hef knowing.  They have never been apart since our trip in decemeber.  You go out with one you better have the other in tow.  But Hef was so out of it on the couch I totally snuck Winston and I out and when we got back he hadn’t moved an inch.  He is probably wondering why he is getting all these treats and a Greenie!  haha I promised Winston one if he was a good puggie, which of course he was!

ok have to start getting ready for work now.  have a great day!

Being I totally grossed you out on the last post… PUGGIES!

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Wu looking all adorable laying the couch like a human with a blankie!

Wu and Hugh… say that 10x fast! 

This pic is priceless… I have a couple of them but Lily fell asleep on the couch and Hefner crawled up right next to her.  They slept like this for about an hour.

My old man pug statue.  So handsome!

Winston with his Puppia harness on.

Heffy with his.  About a month ago our neighbors stupid pit attacked the dogs.  Hef slipped off his collar and ran to the dog which thought Hef was attacking.  So I ordered right away 2 puppia harness’.   They are awesome!  I want to order more colors!!!  Not a single scratch on Hef thank goodness.  That same pit bull attacked the other neighbors boxer 2 weeks ago and the boxer is twice the size of the pit.  I hope the county does something about it.  I can’t stand having to check out my door all the time to see if she is out.  We are staying here FOR SURE another year! yeah except the pit situation.  Rent is so cheap here and they are nice.  We figure one more year of the kids sharing a room won’t be bad and they are very good about respecting each others privacy.  So next September we will be looking for at least a 4 bedroom house up here.  Finally things are going our way!

Have a great day!!!!

Kids Weekend! WARNING: some pics not suitable for all viewers!

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Hugh before all the action!







Hugh getting ready to butcher!

Had to add one action shot… no worries I won’t show anymore.  This is life, life on my farm.  What I grew up doing as a kid.  Hugh and Lily had never seen chicken butchering before and I had to go help clean.  Poor Lily didn’t know what to think.  Once she saw the first head get cut off she promptly advised everyone in my family she is becoming a vegetarian.  HAHA not in my family… so not happening.  Hugh ended up butchering 26 himself.  He plucked one chicken while Lily stood there in amazement.  She was playing with the chicken legs towards the end of the day.

I took Lily swimming with Jenners and Bradyn yesterday.  Andy and Hugh went fishing.  It’s been a wonderful weekend.  We have to bring the kids back early tomorrow since they are in some parade with their mom and her boyfriends business.

Andy is on his way home now so I am going to start dinner!  bye for now!

Harry Potter

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So I have the whole day off today… I put in over 30 hours at the store and my normal hours at the dentist office.  I am doing my major house cleaning today so on Wed I can totally veg out.  Well I am flipping through the channels and on ABC Family they have a Harry Potter marathon going… I have read most books but after awhile I stopped.  I can’t remember which book I stopped at but I so love the movies still.  Shall I keep cleaning??  Or watch the movies??? hmmmmmmmm I am trying to do both but then I get hooked into a part of the movie.  It may take me all day to get clean! ha

We didn’t do anything for the 4th.  I had to work until close and we didn’t get out of there until 10p.  Andy picked me up and we saw a few fireworks but I was exhausted we went home and crashed.  I couldn’t believe how busy it was.  We had a ton of people from Winnepeg shopping though.  It’s only 6 hours away and the American dollar is about equal I guess to the Canadian eh… I had a cute older gentleman tell the joke about the Tooney? Tuney? Not sure how it’s spelled but I am sure if your from Canada you know what I am talking about.  hehehehe super cute joke that’s for sure.  I kept joking with the Canadians, that I dare to, that by the time my shift was done I was going to be saying EH all the time!  They all laughed thank goodness.

ok off to watch the movie… er I mean clean! yeah thats it!  Have a great day!