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Busy Busy Weekend!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 28, 2008 by jessicastarr

So I had to work last night and didn’t get home until 10p.  For those that know me in real life, know how I am usually SLEEPING by 915p-930p.  So this new job will take some time getting used to.  Which is fine cause now I get to Andy more when he gets home at night.  Andy is going to get the kids this morning.  We should have had them last night but I ended up working.  Today we are having a family reunion of some sorts at my parents house.  I probably won’t know half the people but ever since my grams passed away none of my aunts or uncles get together and I haven’t seen some of my cousin’s since then either. I have to make a pasta salad today and go shopping AND mom wants me there early to help set up and clean I am sure.  ok I am half asleep and am not making to much sense right now so I will type later! 🙂


Monday… Monday

Posted in family on June 16, 2008 by jessicastarr

Wow what a fantabolous weekend we are having so far with the kids!!! I picked them up on Friday from their mom and we went to the grocery store.  We picked up some cupcakes that had DAD written on some of them and the others we put candles on.  We then surprised him when he got home.  Saturday we went to Andy’s sisters house for one of his nephews graduation parties.  Then Sunday Andy had to work and me and the kids went to Friendly days.  Tons of rides and a super long parade.  So far it couldn’t be more perfect!  Here are a couple picks of the kids…

Hugh won Lily this cute stuffed pug.  She loves it. 

Hugh way up high on a ride.

Lily on the Merry-go-round.

Tonight we are heading out to Bucca for dinner with Andy’s family.  His parents are here from Arizona and don’t go back until Wednesday.  Tomorrow we are spending the day with them.

Did I tell you Andy’s divorce is totally done now????  HEHEHE We KNOW we are getting married, it’s just a matter of when.  We have to move by the end of Sept and we want to find a house with at least 3 bedrooms. So sometime at the end of the year or beginning of next year we will be married.


So I was eating a dilly bar last night…

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and Winston decided to join me…. You can see a little bit of the cherry coating stuff on his nose… hehehe

Happy June!

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Yikes… what happened to spring???  We didn’t even really have a spring this year.  It has been pretty chilly compared to normal.  Last weekend we ended up having some pretty good storms come through.  Being we live in a one level townhome, I grabbed the boys and headed to my parents house.  I got there in the nick of time and as mom is holding the garage door open for me, the sky opened up.  I have a few spots of hail damage on my car but not enough to claim to insurance. 

We have the kids this weekend.  I know the true meaning of being a parent now however.  Friday was my cousin Carrie’s b-day.  I was going to meet up with everyone for her party at the bar that night but Andy was called into his work in the early afternoon.  I had to go and get them and since Andy wasn’t going to be getting home until late.  We don’t have a sitter since we don’t plan stuff usually when we have the kids, unless it’s kid related and I so wasn’t about to bring the kids to a bar.  So we ended up going to dinner at Red Lobster ad then to Petco.  (yes the kids LOVE Seafood *yeah*) At Petco we were on a mission to get fish.  When Andy and I went to the garage sales, we ended up getting a 10 gallon tank with pretty much everything for $3.  Cost us a total of maybe $15 to set up.  Well as we are walking around I looked at the Parakeets.  Now Hugh has had one named George for about 4 years.  Andy got it from a friend a while back and who knows how long they had it.  We have brought home a couple others and for some reason they don’t survive.  Well I found the prettiest parakeet I have ever seen.  He is lavender and white.  I named him Brett (yes after Favre).  They have adapted very well together and I think this one has a better chance to live more than any other.  When Andy got home he just shook his head and said if we get one more animal we are going to be a Petco! ha So the animal tally is 4 fish (more to come), 2 birds, a teddy bear hamster and 2 puggies. I so want a kitty but have to wait until we get a bigger place.

So I started my new job this last week.  It’s awesome. It’s at a dental office here in town and about 2 miles from my house.  The office manager and I have hit it off totally and I really like her a ton.  I am still working at Hudson and always will.  I am going to fill in when they need me.  I am part time at the new office for now and hopefully this fall will be more hours.  I also applied for a part time job at the outlet mall.  I need to get a few bills totally paid off.  Once that is done I will only have to work part time at the dental office. yeah me!

Ok have to get Andrew up.  With his new position at his work he is all over the place.  He has to be at the Woodbury store early for some training. 

I think I will try to remember to take pics of all the crazy animals in our houe today and post them. 🙂 Have a great day!