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It’s all about ME today…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2008 by jessicastarr

It’s my 36th birthday… eh… don’t like it, don’t want it to be here but what do you do?  You can’t stop time and go backwards.  I don’t feel like I am this old at all.  This year should be my best year yet however.  Andy’s divorce will be done on June 10th which means we can start planning our wedding and hopefully, HOPEFULLY we can plan our own family.  No worries I will keep you all upated on everything.  We haven’t decided if we are getting married here or in Vegas yet. 

Yesterday the weather was wild.  I ended up getting the puggies and going to my parents house since there was such strong storms and we don’t have a basement.  When left here it had started pouring rain big time.  I watched the clouds come in as I got closer to their house.  They live about 8 miles from us.  I got to the farm in the nick of time though.  My car has some hail damage and there was a tornado touch down really close to Andy’s work where they all had to go to the stairwell.  My parents had my nieces over and we all went to Carolynn’s and had a birthday dinner for me and apple pie.  I am not much of a cake eater so that was my cake. 🙂  Andy came over after work and you can see where the hail actually chipped away at the paint on his car.

I woke up a iPod shuffle on my computer and a cute card from Andy.  My nano was stolen from my car last summer at his place and I want to start working out again so I am downloading some cd’s right now.  All 80’s rock so far and a Kid Rock cd.  I need the pumping music to get me going! ha So far Poison, Motley Crue, and Kid Rock.  Not sure what else I will go rumage up. 

Mom is taking me shopping and out to lunch today.  Andy has to work so I won’t see him until 730p tonight. 

Have a great day all!!!


Finally Friday….

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2008 by jessicastarr

Howdy all!  Been a very crazy week so far.  My brother and his wife are having a huge garage sale this weekend.  Actually their entire town is having a city wide garage sale.  I put a few things of my own and was given a bunch of stuff from my sis in law from prev marriage to sell.  I may be divorced from him but she will always be my sister! I have 2 that are like that actually!  But anyway… I am trying to rouse Andrew up to get going.  I wanted to be at her house by 8am but being it’s 7:26am and he isn’t out of bed yet… yeah right.  Not gonna happen.  But brother Andy said I didn’t have to be there until 9a or so.  But I wanted to hit a few of the sale myself since I have never really been out garage saleing and my sister Carolynn said that there were a couple houses that have a ton of fishing stuff… now you see why I want Andrew to go with me.

I am sitting here listening to my friend Corey on her new radio station down in San Fran.  I am so happy for her to have found a new job and for her and her hubby Jeff but man I miss listening to her up here on the radio.  She was a local DJ on our pop station and we became friends 5 years ago being her mom had just passed away from breast cancer and my mom is a survivor.  We did the breast cancer 3 day for 4 years together and last year I was captain for the radio station.  I am taking this year off from being involved with it and I tell you it’s so hard not being part of it.  I am so passionate about it but am fried from it all.  My entire summer would revolve around it.  This year I want my summer to revolve around having fun with the kids and doing things for myself.  I know, breast cancer doesn’t take a break from people but I just need to.  Maybe next year!

Ok I am going to try to get Andrew up again… have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2008 by jessicastarr

I have no real excuse except last weekend I was super sick.  I am sorry for my lack of blogging.  I have had a ton of stuff going on lately too.  My SIL is having a huge garage sale next weekend so I am going through a ton of stuff getting that all ready.  I did that most of the day yesterday. 

So I didn’t want to say anything to soon… but I got a new job!  It’s here in town at a Dental office!!!!  A couple Friday’s ago Doc and I were talking about the drive and gas prices.  He said “Jess let me call my friend up in your area and see if he is hiring”.  So he did… Long story short I went and met with the other office manager and then last Thurs I met with the Doctor.  It’s going to be just a couple days a week at first since he has a neighbor girl working there in the summer but then by July it will be more full time.  So in the beginning I will be driving to Hudson still a couple days a week and then eventually I will get a part time job up at the outlet mall at a clothing store.  That way I will be able to buy my nice dress clothes cheaper but then make extra cash also. Andy said I probably won’t have a paycheck! hahaha oh well I will have nice clothes though!  But this new job is 2 miles from my house and am so excited!  The office manager there and I seemed to really click which is super cool.  She around my age and really nice.

Ok I am going to go and cross stitch a bit before I have to go to my mom’s house.  Have a great day all!


ugh sick…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 3, 2008 by jessicastarr

So I went to work yesterday and felt totally fine.  Then later in the morning I started getting a sore throat and it kept progressing through out the day.  When I got home I took a 2 hour nap and when I woke up my throat and chest were killing me.  I then layed in bed the rest of the night since the kids are here.  I so don’t want them to get this.  It’s worse yet this morning. I can totally tell I have an infection of some sort.  I am rummaging through my cabinet looking for all the antibiotics that I can find.  yikes!  This sucks big time.  Today is Bradyn’s birthday party, I am taking the kids to that, then Lily and I are going to the Anoka high school to see a play they have right now.  It’s High School Musical.  So I have to medicate and relax as much as possible during the morning.  Tomorrow Andy is off and we wanted to go fishing.  Maybe I will stay home and let him take the kids.  I haven’t been this sick in 6 months… I hate this!

Ok now to go lay back down for a bit!  Have a great weekend.  I will take pics today and post them later!