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It was easier than I thought to find out….

Posted in Uncategorized on April 25, 2008 by jessicastarr

hahahahaha I am laughing big time… I so *heart* my Jenners.  I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it from me.  I call her with intentions of finding out what time she is picking me up tonight…. first words out of my mouth are “it’s a girl right???”  All heard was a giant… NO.  I thought I was going to go through hours and hours of bugging and begging her tonight.  I will be oh so good and not spill the beans in front of anyone but YEAH!!!!!!!!!  Another boy!  If he is anything like Bradyn she is going to be so blessed.  This little man I get to video tape being born in Sept.  So I will be one of the first people he gets to meet!  I am so excited!  So now that I FINALLY know what she is having I have to start working on his cross stitch!  I want to make a Precious Moments growth chart.  Yes darling Jenny (Niece) just like the one I made for you 15 years ago! However this one will obviously be BLUE.  This is only my 2nd one to make so you two shall feel extra special!

well I am going to get ready…


Happy birthday Jenners!

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Today is my best friend Jen’s b-day.. she is turning 36, which means in one month, one day it’s my 36th b-day… scary.  We met through another friend that we had 10 years ago and we clicked big time.  we have been through so much together and know we will always be there for each other. 

Today she has her doctors appt to find out what they are having.  I so hope it’s a little girl.  I am sure it is for some reason.  I am going to try to get it out of her tonight, they want to wait until Bradyn’s birthday next weekend to tell everyone.  HA… I think I can get it out of her though.  We are going to see Baby’s Mama tonight and then going to a couple bars.  She can’t drink but she still wants to go out and have some fun! 

Otherwise I plan on putting away the winter clothes this weekend and cleaning house!  Have a great weekend!

It’s about time!

Posted in family on April 19, 2008 by jessicastarr

We were at Wal-mart last night then Kmart looking for a new hamster cage for Lily’s rat… er I mean hamster. When Andy’s phone rang and it was Hugh.  He was asking what time we were picking them up!  Andy started talking to the ex and said well we can come get them now!!!! So off we went!  When we got them home Andy and I sat them down for a long talk about everything going on.  Andy basically told the kids that it may get uglier in the next couple months and we may miss a couple weekends but we want them to know that it’s not our choice and it’s their mother.  I guess she gave the kids the choice of going camping this weekend with her (hmmm they bought a new camper, imagine that) or go to dad’s.  (why would you give them the choice anyway when it’s our weekend???) Well they picked us of course.  She also told the kids NOT to believe anything Dad says to them.  Andy told them to believe whoever they feel they want to and then decide who is telling the truth.  Hugh came right out and said he would believe dad over his mom in a second.  But Andy said that no he should listen to both and then decide.  I will tell you this much, we won’t be lying to them and we will be telling them the truth.  I wish I would have taped what Andy said to the kids since it was so good.  I think the kids really needed to hear it and it really made them happy.  We had a good night last night to.  They FINALLY got their Easter baskets!! They loved them and devoured them big time.  I think today we are going to go to Andy’s work since they are BEGGING to go and maybe find a park for them to play at for a while.  Then tomorrow there is a BBQ at my parents house with my whole family.  It’s going to be a wonderful weekend!

And the winner is…

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Ambre!  And not me… *pout* oh well I will get over it.  someday… some very sad sad day… I can’t wait to see the reunion show next weekend now. 

So I got the pics from Jen… omg is all I can say.  I am going to see if she can put them on a CD for me.  The boys were a little crazy and Wu wouldn’t stay on the table for nothing.  Jen brought the proofs home and Andy and I stopped on our way to the grocery store to pick them up. (remember she lives a couple blocks away from us) and she surprises me with a little book with most the pics in there and little sayings.  It is the cutest thing ever! I admit I started crying… There is pic of Winston where I am holding him and he is looking over my shoulder.  His face is totally priceless.  Wu and I have been through soooo much in the last 2 years.  He has been my rock.  I know that sounds crazy to say about a doggie but when I left Jim, he is what kept me going each and everyday.  He would always put a smile on my face and make me excited to get home from work so I could get a puggie kiss and go for a walk.  I love that little man so freaking much!

off to get ready for work now!  Have a happy Monday!

He could rock my world anytime!

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man oh man… season finale of Rock of Love 2 is tonight…  I really hope he picks Ambre and not Daisy.  Well really he could pick me and I would be all over that.  I am still and always will be a Poison fan.  Can’t wait to see it tonight!

I DID IT!!!!!

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I chopped it alllll off!  Here is the front view… mind you this is after almost a whole bottle of wine.  Jen does such an awesome job! I so needed a change and the only person I trust to cut my hair like this is Jenners.

So we went and saw Vantage Point!  Oh my such a good movie!!!  Lots of action big time!



Movies, Wine and Haircut….

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ok so I had a picture of the movie but it decided not to stay… we are going to see Vantage Point.

Andy and I are going to go and see this movie in a little bit.  It starts at 5:10p… thank goodness we live 2 miles from the theater.  I am excited to see it!  It look pretty darn good!  Then we are heading over to Jen and Wayne’s house to watch the Wild game and drink wine… well Jen won’t be able to being she is pregnant but I will be able to!  She is also going to cut my hair.  I may go drastic and go short.  I am getting sick of the long long hair and always wearing it up.  I will take pics tonight of it!  Ok we are off!  Have a great night!