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Kids Weekend

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This is still from last weekend but Bradyn is so adorable I had to post them. His mom is my best best frien Jen who just found out she is pregnant again. She asked me to video tape the birth and I am so very honored!!!
Bradyn again!!!
Sister Lily can we have some???
I just had to add this one of Wu…. he LOVED this treat and so did Hef!!!
Off to go sledding again today… it’s suppose to be 38* today which is awesome considering last weekend the highs were -1* ha! I think we made it up to 2* at one point… but we are in a heat wave!


Puggie Gathering

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Where we going mom??
Lets go… we are so ready!
Pug pile!! Give treats they will come!
Andy with Winston laying next to him with a bunch of puggies coming up to be petted
The boys on the ride home… they zonked out the second we got in the car. I am a member of THOMP (The Heart of MN Pug Club) and we get together as much as possible to let the pugs play. Thomp is geared more towards the show dogs, however I have 2 non showing pugs. I was on the board for 2 years and it became way to much… All the fighting and craziness. I won’t go into it but I feel that it’s falling apart and I may just be part of the regular pug Meet Up in the Twin Cities. This was Hef’s first meet up and he loved it. He played and was so good. I am still so amazed that someone could have the heart to give him up. He is such a wonderful dog.

2 Weekends ago

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This is what I have been doing a TON of… Cross-stitching.. I finished the bear I was making and I will take pics of it and then show you what I am working on now… Puggie friends will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!
We took the kids sledding that weekend also… we were so bundled up!!!
Andrew and Lily walking up the hill
Andy and Lily going down
Hugh and Lily

I know, I know

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Me so bad… I sure didn’t mean for the time to go this fast with out blogging. I have been busy with life and wow it’s been way to long since I blogged last.
I was going to post pics of when we had the kids 2 weeks ago and went sledding and then from our puggie meet up last weekend but I can’t find the cord. ugh… I will try to find it and post pics later. I am pretty sure we are going sledding today so I will take pics of that! Chat later!


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What I want to get done or NEED to get done for 2008.

1. QUIT SMOKING… It’s not a want it’s a need. I hate the smell, how much it costs, having to be outside.
2. Get my house de-cluttered.
3. Lose 20 more pounds
4. Get a part time job to help pay for all the new clothes I will need once I drop 20lbs. 🙂
5. Go to New York to visit Andy’s extended family.
6. Go back to Arizona to visit his parents and my cousin.

Am sure I will add to it. It will be interesting to see where I am at in 6 months!

Cross Stitch and Puggies

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One of my favorite things in the world to do is Cross Stitch. I started doing it when I was 18 years old. I working at National Car Rental in the call center and I was working 5:30p-2am. At 5pm you could do crafts and such since it’s after business hours. Well a girl Jodi who I started with just found out she was pregnant and started making a baby blanket. I thought hmmm, it will give me something to do and looks fun! Now I love the reactions I get when people open up something I made them. The Pattern
Where I was at when I took this… (I am almost done with the tie already)
I stopped at Petco on my way home. I found these 2 fuzzie critters for $2! 1/2 off cause they are christmasy. My boys didn’t care they LOVE them!!! Hef is relaxing with his.
Winnie checking his out…
Winston CRASHED!!! He was sleeping before the new year… such party poopers!!

Happy New Year 2008

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Hope everyone had a wonderful evening last night! I had to work and with how sick we both have been, we opted to stay home. I bought a bottle of champibbly and well, we finished it off. I also bought the wine version of Barefoot, Pinot Grigio and we finished that off…. ok ok for not wanting to drink so much… I have a hang over!!!! I am sure its the wine… gots to be the wine!The bad bottle… hehe (it was really really good)
Hef waiting for the new year to start
Winston playing with his new toy.
My boys!!!
Winston playing…
I will post more pics but all I really did last night was cross stitch. My friend Jenners (honeypot Bradyn’s mom) just found out she is pregnant! Yeah!!! I am so happy for them. So I started a Precious Moments picture. I am making quiting smoking my #1 resolution this year, am doing good so far… so I will be doing a TON of cross stitch!!!