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What a week… So I went to work on Wednesday feeling a little achey. Andy was home sick with a bug. Wed night I went to bed at 830p just thinking I was exhausted from the crazy weekend. I woke up my alarm on Thursday, was coughing thinking much of it but felt really out of it. Andy said that is how his began and he didn’t think I should go to work. I couldn’t even get into the shower I was feeling so yucky. I called into work, went back to bed. I don’t even remember Thursday. Andy kept coming in and taking my temp. He called my mom at one point that evening since it was up to 102.8. She had Andy get me into a cool shower to try to get my temp down. Didn’t work as planned. I somehow got aspirin down and slept more. My temp didn’t break until Friday night. I tell ya, this bug is nasty. Even when I had the flu last winter I don’t think it was this bad. I seriously do not remember Thursday at all!!! I am still a little shaky this morning but not as bad feeling. I don’t think if I had to, I would be able to work today, that is how bad this is. I am going to throw some chicken, carrots, celery and onion in a crockpot and call it a morning.


Merry Christmas!

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Winston before we left
Hef before we left
Winnie knows something is up… where we going mom??
Tired pups on Christmas eve
Hef sleeping with my parents new kitten sleeping on him. They had thought the kitty was a girl and my mom named her Anna Belle, well his name now is Anna BILL. hahaha The puppies were so happy to see us. It’s nice to be home but man I really loved it out there. The sad thing is I didn’t take a single pic of Andy’s parents or family but it was a non stop weekend. I am hoping someone in his family will send us pictures!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas all!

The Ghost town

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The Mercentile This is the little church that Dave and Ingrid were married at.
The Bordello, I love the staircase
The saloon The main street

Visiting Dave and Ingrid

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Here we are in Tonto National forest
Me and my cousin David
David and his wife Ingrid
Andy and I at the ghost town Dave and Ingrid were married at 3 years ago.
This is Superstition Mountain. See all those houses that is part of Dave and Ingrid’s neighborhood. This was the sunset on Sunday night. David is my cousin. We grew up living next door to each, we are 16 days apart, graduated high school together, we are more like brother and sister. I have never been down to visit them and Dave comes home whenever he can. He is a Captain for Mesa airlines. We had the greatest time on Sunday with them. They have the most beautiful house it’s crazy. I am so proud of him. I love you Dave so dearly it’s not funny!!!!

Desert Safari

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More Cacti pics…
Roads in the mountain we were driving on
more road
The hummer we were in
A cactus all lit up for the holidays.

Arizona 2007

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This is what it looked like when we left on Friday… the high was 38 but for MN that’s warm this time of the year!!!
The sunrise we would see every morning from Andy’s parents house. I would sit on the sofa and watch it rise every morning.
The fountain in Fountain Hills
One of the amazing views we saw on our desert safari.
Andy and I up in the mountains.
The high this day was around 58 and up in the mountains it was a little cooler yet. Andy’s sister’s family took us on this expedition that was way fun.


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I can’t believe we are back from Arizona already! It was such a super time that I didn’t want to leave. I can totally see why my cousin Dave and his wife Ingrid, along with Andy’s parents love it out there. We came home to cold and snow and so not happy about it. But I need to get to bed now. I took about 140 pics this weekend. I will try to download them tomorrow morning! Bye for now!