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More Birthday…

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More Wayne…
Me and Jenners
Wayne and I
Kinda see me, Wayne and Andy

So it was a crazy night… Andy drove us around so he was the sober one. We started out downtown Albertille at Gees. My sister wanted to come out and play so she met us at our house. We picked her up and went to Majors. Andy drove Jen and Wayne home and we went downtown St Michael to Corner Bar. We closed that place down, home around 2a then were up chatting until 4am! It was so much fun. Ended up sleeping all day on Sunday. Yesterday was my sisters birthday so we surprised her by all of us being at my parents house for pizza and cake. It was all good!!!!


The Birthday

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Wanye and Jen… he was enjoying a few cocktails!
He was probably getting yelled at for being so drunk
Me and my sister Carolynn
Wayne and Jen’s sister Melissa
yeah baby…. Wayne!

Off to G-Mom’s Cont…

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I sure miss going to Grandma’s… Hef, there is much to do there!
Are we there yet??
Our tree before we put the decorations on it
and once we had it all filled up… NOTE: I better move the toy box!

So we took the boys to my parents house, no one was home though. 😦 My dad and brother went hunting and mom was at the grocery store. I went over to my Grandma’s house where all my stuff is stored. Let me back up a bit. My parents own a 80 acre farm, there are 3 houses on it. My aunt and uncles, my grams and my parents. My grams house is in the middle and she passed away March 2006. Yes the house is standing empty and no I am not living there even though I wish I was… bad subject. ANYWHO, Winston I totally trust off leash on the farm but not Hef yet. I don’t know if he will totally run off. But while I was inside getting the tree and my decorations, Andy was out with the boys. He said everywhere the Winston went Hef was following. He almost let him off but didn’t. Maybe next time when there is a good foot of snow so they can’t run to far! 🙂

Now my awesome tree. 3 years ago me and the ex were at Home Depot right after Christmas. They had a huge stack of trees that origanally were $89.98 and were marked down to $6.98. YES $6.98!!!!!! I asked the sales guy what was wrong with it, if it was a Charlie Brown tree… ha he said no it’s just that they can’t send them back and they have so many, they need to get rid of them. I was still skeptical until 2 years ago we put it up. It is still my absolute purchase I ever bought. When I was moving out, I MADE SURE I grabbed my tree!!! hahaha So this was the first year putting it up in two years. I found a ton of decorations that are the ex’s that I am sending to his sister. Being they were their grandpa’s. He told me he didn’t want them but I don’t feel right keeping them and don’t want to throw them away. If they do, that is their choice, but I know I am making the right decision by sending them back.

Going to a tupperware party at my sisters today then tonight going out to celebrate my best friend Jen’s husbands 30th birthday. Eh gads… the drinks will be flowing!
Hopefully I will be picture happy tonight! bwahahahaha

Off to G-Mom’s House….

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This is what we woke up to yesterday morning…
So not ready…
Neither are the pugs…
Brothers!!! They do get along pretty darn good!
Do we really have to get up??

Lily’s Pug Box

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The inside of Lily’s box… It say’s “Welcome to pug world, where every pug finds a home.”
A picture of a hedgehog and toys on the inside of the box.
One of the pugs she drew.
The other side has another pug
Ok so I totally forgot to tell you about how the kids reacted to the new family member. Well Andy went to pic them up while I had Hef at the vet. All he told the kids is that I had a surprise for them. I guess Hugh guessed another pug right away but Andy told him no. The things that they were asking Andy said when he walked in the door he pointed at the vaccuum sitting there and said that’s your surprise. HA of course the kids didn’t buy it. Well I called Andy when I got out of the vet office. It’s literally a block from our house. Andy said out loud I will see you in 10 min when I was already in the driveway. I walk in the house and everyone was in the kids room. I let Hef run in off his leash. Hugh’s reaction was the best. He come flying out of the room, asking what the surprise is, while Hef is sniffing at his feet already. He looks on the couch sees Winston, looks down, sees Hef, he keeps this up a few times and just dropped to his feet to play with Hef. It was priceless. We got them good. They so couldn’t tell them apart at first it was so funny. But they are very happy with Hef!!!!


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Well I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day… I know we did. We went to my aunt and uncles house and ate a ton. This was the only pic taken and it was from my dad’s phone. As you can see I was wearing my Packer jersey. WHOO HOO Packers!! They won! We didn’t bring the boys with being it would have been to much with all of us. Today we are putting up our Christmas tree and doing a lot of cleaning. I didn’t go shopping today like I usually do. One of the malls, Albertville outlet, opened at 12:01am. I guess traffic was at a stand still on 94. ugh, no thank you.
Well I want to start organizing before I go and get my tree from my parents house! Have a wonderful day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day! We are going to my aunt and uncles house around noon.
What I am thankful for is my wonderful family, a roof over my head, a great job, the greatest boyfriend and my pug babies!!!
Have a great day!