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from Andy and I…. and the PuGoOsTeR… Have a happy halloween!!!!!!!


Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday…

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Tuesdays are kind of boring in my life… as you tell I am posting what one of our drug reps brought in for lunch! hahahaha We generally get lunch brought in almost everyday from someone. Alot of Chipolte that’s for sure. Today is Chicken and Wild/white rice with biscuits… very good.
I had school last night. I had taken my 2nd test 2 weeks ago. I missed last week due to bronchitis. But I got my results back and I had an 81! My first test I got like a 96. This is a very basic math class. I haven’t had math in 20 years and I tried taking an algebra class last semester and I dropped it mid term. So I decided to start at the beginning and let me tell you, I so wish I would have done that in January.
I have a ton of homework to do this week for my Saturday class. Hopefully I will get more pics of Winston up – loaded. Am slowly learning how to play on here. Not sure how to add to my blog roll. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Adult Beverages + Me = NO GOOD

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Wu after we got home had to be “leid” also…
So Cute!!!

Carmen, Me and Carrie
Carmen and I… check out those sexy legs…. ooo la la
Andy had a little accident with one of the chairs…
The Chair
The group of NON neighbors…

So we went to my friend Carmen’s house for her halloween party. Poor Andy was exhausted since he has worked 2 12 hours days Fri and Sat. He is working today also. I knew we probably wouldn’t be there to late with Andy having to be up so early so I kept my glass full all night. We did leave around 10:30p or so. I wasn’t feeling to good on the way home but no worries I didn’t get sick. I am getting way to old to be drinking like I used to that’s for sure. I guess that’s part of growing up… ugh.
I put a roast in the crock pot and have to run and get taters and carrots. It’s a perfect crock pot kind of day. It’s only like 27 degrees out right now. Grass was all frosty when I took Winston out. He didn’t like getting his toesy’s cold that for sure.
So Winnie Wu and I will be just hanging out at home all day… chillin’. Watching movies and catching up on my tivo shows. Plus I get to watch NASCAR today! yeah!!!!
Happy Sunday!

Winston pictures

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Winston and his space alien… he loves him….
Happy pug!
Every seen a pink pug?? Now you have!
I don’t know why he looks so scared!!!
At home with G-pop and G-ma… he loves sitting between them trying to get a little extra!

a few to enjoy…

Here it goes….

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I love blogs… I have had a couple before and I used to have 3 whole posts on this one. But as I was reading them I realized how sad my life was last year! ha So I deleted them. I love reading all the puggie blogs out there and I look at how creative everyone is and dang I WANT THAT. I want to get to know the people I read about on a personal level. Talk pug talk, life and everything else. I am going to try to learn how to change and add photos this time, make it so everyone that is in our lives will know what we are up to. Andrew and I have myspace accounts that we are pretty much getting sick of. So we have decided to delete them. As soon as I transfer all my photos into my computer I will delete it.

I have been seperated from my 2nd (yes 2nd) husband since Feb 2006. He keeps stalling the divorce but am hoping at our court date on Nov 14th it will be final. I had moved home with my parents April 2006 and I will tell you, it was the greatest time of my life. My parents are wonderful. I lived at home until this October and I moved in with Andrew. Andrew and I met January 2007 on myspace. I tell ya, we so wish we would have met like 8 years ago. We wouldn’t be going through the messes that we are now. We are so alike and so understand each other. It’s fantabolous.

Andrew has 2 kids who I just adore. L is 7 an H is 11. We have them every other weekend. The only child I have is Winston Chu, who this blog is named for. He is an adorable 4 year old black puggie. Hopefully in the next year we will add to our family a little girl puggie.

Well that is all for now… I am going to try to upload a few pics now!