Home Sick

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I miss my family.  I am bored out here.  I do love it but I miss people.  I miss going to get my nails done with Lisa, working my part time job… Talking to my neighbors.  My sis has pics of my girls on her FB.  I miss them.  I miss my mom and dad.  I miss my farm.

We have a wonderful house in Mesa with a fenced in yard.  What is  hard is Andy and I don’t have friends.  Sure we have our co workers and that is how I have made some of my bestest friends to this day but they pretty much all live on the other side of the city.  Over an hour from here.

I hate my job,  This doctor I work for is a *excuse language* fucking jackass.  I swear he does work that doesn’t need to be done.  He acts pissed if someone cancels and it’s our fault.  I do have an interview Friday with another staffing service. I get that money runs the business but your clients are #1.  Don’t tell patients your doing 2 crowns so they match… are you flipping kidding?  There is so much more I could vent about him but he isn’t worth my typing.

I tried to get back with ESI but for some reason I didn’t get a call back even though I passed all tests online and at the facility.  I know I left on good terms, or so I was told.  I need to find something else.

I am sure me hating my job isn’t helping my home sick situation.  Thank god I can call my mom up all the time.  Hopefully Winston and I will be heading out on a road trip home this summer.  Then I can get some stuff out of storage.  Plus I would love to bring Lily back and road trip with her.  I think we would have sooo much fun just the 2 .. er 3 including Wu.

Can anyone help me get a job here??  Maybe that’s all I need.

A new job.



Good Morning Arizona!

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and this is why I love living here… Andy and I both agreed the clouds looked like cotton candy ice cream. The pic doesn’t do justice how pretty it was this morning.

Antiquing and more…

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I got up this morning not wanting to sit around at home all day.  So I went to an antique sale going on at the community center in Fountain Hills.  It was ok… to much old stuff! hahaha I did see some pretty cool old rings… you wonder who they belong to and what the history would be.  Maybe next time they come back I may have to check them out and invest in one.  I then went to Bealle’s (sp)… it’s not as nice as Ross’ which is just like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  It’s kind of crappy even if you ask me BUT I did find a really cute jar with my initial on it to keep my change in.

It only cost me $3.99… not to shabby! Then I found a V.C. Andrews book for $2.99.  I then went to the grocery store to get a roast, potatoes and carrots so I can make a roast in the crock pot on Monday! yea!

Father in law wanted me to run with him to drop off some clothes of my mother in laws.  It was at a place like a salvation army but all the money goes to hospice which they used for her.  But first we went to lunch at a awesome chinese restuarant called Flo’s Chinese Restuarant… VERY GOOD!!! I can’t wait to have my left overs for dinner!!!  I then took the boys to the park as usual.  I really hope wherever we move to from here we find a great park as this one.  Even though I am probably the youngest one there, they are manly seniors, I am starting to feel at home and making new friends!! But for your enjoyment, here are a few pics of Ty at the park!

Hi mommy… so he says.

 little crazy pug after wiggling in the grass…

now we are relaxing… waiting for Andy to get home. Have a great evening!

Here we are!

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Well we made it to Arizona on New Years eve.  Talk about a crazy drive down however.  We left on Wed morning around 430am.  We hit fog big time through Iowa and up to Kansas.  We finally stopped in Liberal, KS for the night… OMG what a hole in the wall hotel.  Never again will we stay in an Economy Inn.  We then left around 6am Thursday and it started out pretty decent.  We then got to New Mexico and the wind storms were crazy.  We had our own version of a video game dodging tumble weeds and dust storms.  We then had to skip going through ABQ due to the huge snow storm.  We ended up going down into Las Cruces, NM and stopping around 230p at a Motel 6.  There were so many snow storm warnings we were ready to stop. Within an hour of us stopping we got hit by flurries big time and they aren’t used to snow down there.  Anyway, it was a very nice motel and made up for the night before. We were so exhausted we fell asleep by 6p that night.  We got on the road at 7a the next morning and the roads were decent. We actually had to go through a boarder crossing since we were so close to Mexico but were waived right on through… am thinking we didn’t look to foreign to the patrol! lol  We then drove up through Tucson and made it to dad’s around 230p. 

Andy’s job is going wonderful for him.  Heckuva lot better than Albertville. I am still looking for a job.  I have applied for a mazillion places, but nothing yet… am kind of liking being a stay at home pug mom but it will get old soon. Thank goodness Andy will be making enough!!

I am going to go do a little shopping then take the boys to the dog park.  There is a fantastic park here in Fountain Hills that I try to take the boys to daily.

Have a great day!

New Life

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Well many of you know we are starting a new venture in our lives.  I have decided to keep my blog a-rollin’.  I was going to start off with a fresh new one.. but what the heck.  I really have nothing to hide in my life.  If certain people from my past get a kick out of reading how well I am doing… well then so be it.  Andy and I are moving to sunny Arizona! yea!! Andy is down there now and is hopefully starting his job on Monday.  I am not sure when I am going yet.  He is staying with his dad and has Heffy with him down there.  I have Winston and Ty up here with me now.  We may have to get rid of Ty.  As much as I would hate to, it’s going to make it easier to find a place to live and he is prone to accidents.  I have some belly bands on their way here so we will try them and see how they work.

I miss my hubby… he left the day after turkey day and I struggle everyday with missing him.

me so bad

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yes I have been so horrid about writing in this but I have been so busy with work and life.  We have moved into a way bigger and better place in the last month and we got another puggie!!! tyson

I will post more pictures as I can… He has been such a joy in our lives and all 3 of the boys seem to get along wonderfully.

june09 052

my boys

Almost a year…

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That Jen had asked me to bring in the boys for a photo shoot at the place she worked at and I am just now getting pics loaded.  They were taken like a week after I cut all my hair off.  I found them today and am so happy I got them done! So enjoy!

My boys
My boys